OCEANIC TRIO a project born by Sergio "oigres" Argiolas, drummer of this band and Davide Cannizzo, piano player and vocalist. This Trio plays Pop Italian and International songs. The musicians that composed this band are all professional, looked in Italy with effort.


Sergio Argiolas, from Genoa, class 1967.
I played in many Genoese bands (cover and original) and played live and studio sessions with many Italian musicians: Francesco Baccini,
Mauro Isetti, Andrea Maddalone, Toni Colucci, Andrea Anzaldi, Barbara Vulso, Giorgio Ravera, Roberto Martino, Edmondo Romano, Michela Gatti, Barbara Schenone, Ersilia D’Addamio, Gianni Serino, Stefano Guazzo.
I played barocco music (imperial drum) with Maestro Luca Franco Ferrari.
I performed with the Ciaffero Band (Teatroscalzo) at Golden Circus Festival by Liana Orfei in transmission of italians TV (Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai 3 in eurovision).
I also played with Indi Band (italian covers), Short Jackets, with the songwriter Andrea Sigona, and many dance groups.
From April 2012 to April 2013 I played with Fiebre del Mar, international music band on board of a Cruise Ship Costa Crociere.
From 1- November 2013 to 2 April 2014 on board of a Cruise Ship MSC Armonia with Sonos Band, International Music Quartet.
I currently play with Our Sugar Band, tribute to Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, a project with the Maestro Armando Corsi with Valerio PIzzorni and with jazz quintet JAZZ IN MOTION with Toni Colucci, Giancarlo Morabito, Claudia Sanguineti and Stefano Guazzo and a Party Band.

Voice, Piano and Keybords

Davide Cannizzo, from Augusta (CT), born in 1974, he worked in many prestigious Hotels, Holiday Resorts, Restaurants and Pubs, entertained and play to dance at weddings and on cruise ships (Costa Crociere, SNAV Sardinia).
He has worked with prestigious agencies entertainment:
Alpitour, Samarcanda animation, IGV CLUB animation, Selection Entertainment, Entertainment Rossetti.
He made fun of holidaymakers Resort more “IN” (Marispica Ispica, Sicily Portorosa Messina, Sicily; Arenella Syracuse, Sicily; Dongwue Club, Zanzibar; Tanka village Cagliari, Sardinia; Triton Catanzaro, Calabria) and the best hotels (Hotel Therasia Islands Aeolian Islands, Sicily; Nigritella Hotel Cortina, Veneto, Hotel in Alta Badia, Trentino, Grand Hotel “Courmaison” Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Hotel Abi Doru 5 stars Porto Rotondo, Sardinia).


Bass and Double Bass

Crescenzo Vitiello,  Bassist coming from the most renowned schools of the territory of Naples, he studied bass and double bass, piano and cello in addition to both classical and electric guitar.
He has had work experience of great value by collaborating with many Italian artists of national and international reputation as Anna Oxa, Fiordaliso, Rettore, Gianni Bella, Carlo and Roberto Manguso (guitarist of Loredana Berté), Ivan Cattaneo, 666 (band produced by Pino Daniele), Tony Esposito and Pietra Montecorvino, Karen Moore, Antonella Bucci.
With the project “Under Up” is from shoulder to the group of Pino Daniele. Participate in the Somma Jazz Festival with Francesco D’Errico, Enzo Nini, Nini Luciano, Pietro Condorelli.
It also plays with Marco Francini, Susan Regis Jazz Quartet, Orchestra Festival Cruises, Under-Up, Festival Maremusica, Casatrocaro Terme, Sim Milan.
With the band takes part in the final Esomania Sanremo Young.
He wrote the music for “MOTHERS AND SISTERS BRIDES” Leopoldo Mastelloni and directed by Patrons Griffi.
Arrangements and recording disk Neapolitan classics in key Jazz-Blues for Antonella Morea.
Feel with the Jazz Quartet participates in the artistic cast of the finals of Miss Italy.
Sounds like bassist, pianist and guitarist with different formations at the Hilton Hotel.
Bassist and composer for AGRIMUSICA STUDIOS (ROME) Marcello Cirillo (RAI).
With the orchestra of Antonello Cascone (RAI TV) in exclusive hotels and casinos in Europe.
In duet with Diana Schiano plays at Capri Palace Hotel and for many exclusive weddings.
Bassist and bass Jazz Quartet on MSC Cruises.
It is hired by SOUNDIVA S.r.l (Baglioni, Modà, BUDAPEST SCORING SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA, RAI, Mediaset, La7, etc.) and composer for The Chicago Music Library (worldwide provider of Royalty Free Music and Production Music).
He has recorded many discs of her composition.



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