In this section, I propose my pencil and ink drawings and the paintings with acrylic colors.
Some of these works were started at the Lyceum and then resumed with a greater awareness of the chiaroscuro.

In this section, instead, I propose the comics of Franco and Ciccio, or my friend Franco and myself,
Franco, former classmate in elementary school, high school, and former associated….
and be sure we was having some good ones !!!
(right, because most of the stories are unfortunately true !!!) Enjoy it


The “OIGRES” main idea came out from being the reverse of “SERGIO”, a rational “Virginian” and precise man (even a bit of a pain in the ass) therefore an artist and noisy but definitely more cool. Those having faced both sides knows what I’m talking about. Obviously the balance lies in the middle of the two characters who integrate and can help each other.
In this dualistic path, SERGIOIGRES looks for the “center” under various forms (his owns), but be ready to dig …..


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