SERGIO “OIGRES” ARGIOLAS Drummer and Percussionist


I was born on 5 September 1967 and I live in Genoa.
My musical career began when I was sixteen in “Paul Klee Art School” in Genoa, attending schoolmates musicians (Edmondo Romano,Alessandro Serri) and friends of the latter (Dave Bova, Luca Faggioni, Alessio Menconi, Daviano Rotella, etc. .) playing the percussion.
Two years later I started taking drum classes with Maestro Orazio Chiappino (session player and orchestral, teacher of Giuseppe De Paola, Salvatore Cammilleri, Gianni Belleno and many others) for about eight years.
Later, spurred on by Orazio himself, I decide to take drum classes from Alfredo Golino (leading session player, collaborated with Mina, Eros Ramazzotti, Raf, Laura Pausini, Dirotta su Cuba, Marco Masini, Fiorella Mannoia, Pino Daniele, etc.) for two and a half years, perfecting the studies done up to then. Later I will also take some drum classes from Ellade Bandini (Fabrizio De André, Mina, Francesco Guccini, etc.) also participating in various clinics of drummers of the caliber of Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Walter Calloni, Gianni Branca, Virgil Donati, Stefano Brushman Bagnoli, Roberto Gualdi, Paolo Pellegatti, Alfredo Vandresi.
In recent years I have managed the rhythmic engine of various Genoese bands both of covers and of original songs (Audioclima, L’Opera al Nero, Chiaroscuro, Agora, New Roni, Rullante sul Baratro, Orchestra Baistrocchi, Nick & the little Italy trio, Leftovers , Brain Storming,Swingammore, Xilia, Andrea Sigona, with the percussive group of Samba
Globedrum, Metropolitan, Discovery, Indi Band, Short Jackets, etc.) and with some ballroom orchestras (Sigma, Orchestra Gianni Piazza, Tony – Cinzia and Onda Nueva, Blue Light, Tony Di Leo Orchestra, I Planet, Serena Group, Diego Sanguineti Orchestra, Roberto Perazzoli, etc.), I’ve been taking part in recording sessions with established musicians such as Francesco Baccini, Mauro Isetti (Custodie Cautelari), Andrea Maddalone (Eros Ramazzotti, New Trolls), Toni Colucci (Rich and Poor, Los Duendes), Andrea Anzaldi (Bernardo Lanzetti, Los Duendes), Luca Olivieri, Barbara Vulso (Mama’s Pit), Marcello Mazzone (Pornoshock), Giorgio Ravera (La Rosa Tatuata) , Roberto Martino (Custodie Cautelari, Smaila’s, Bobby Solo), Edmondo Romano (Eris Pluvia, Avarta, Vittorio De Scalzi, Tony Esposito, Mauro Pagani, etc.), Anna Izzo (Maria Teresa Ruta), Michela Gatti (Maria Teresa Ruta, Steeldrama, Missbit) Barbara Schenone (New Roni, Babayaga, Mellow Yellow, Giangi Sainato), Ersilia D’Addamio (Leftovers, Missbit), Gianni Serino (Shel Shapiro, Loredana Berté), Luca Borriello (Bob Callero, New Roni, Claudia Pastorino), Luca Begonia , Stefano Guazzo, Paolo Firpo, Roberto Padrenostro and many others.

I had exceptional experiences of baroque music playing the imperial drum with Maestro Luca Franco Ferrari.
I played with the Ciaffero Band (Teatroscalzo) with whom we worked at the Golden Circus Festival of Liana Orfei as well as several television passages on Rai 1, Rai 2 and Rai 3 in Eurovision. I worked on 010 PROJECT, unreleased electronic-dance, loop & live music tracks. I project managed a Genoese Italian pop-rock band: the BANCO dei SOGNI, by following their first CD in the recording studio.
From April 2012 to April 2013 I played with the Fiebre del Mar, an international listening and dance music band embarking on Costa Cruises ships (in accordance with the navigation law I obtained the qualifications for boarding: Basic Safety Training).
Between 2013 and 2014 I worked on board the MSC Armonia with the Sonos Band, a quartet made up of Antonio Contarino on piano, Raffaella Centonze on vocals and Germano Galassini on sax.

I played in the OUR SUGAR BAND, a tribute to Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari with the great Fabrizio Elia, a project with Maestro Armando Corsi together with Valerio Pizzorni.
I currently play in a jazz quintet with Toni Colucci, Giancarlo Morabito, Claudia Sanguineti and Stefano Guazzo (JAZZ IN MOTION).
Recently formed a Party Band (DANCING MACHINE) of 6 elements, all professionals, coming from various parts of Italy with the aim of working in Hotels or Resorts abroad (East) and a Trio of listening music (always with xenophilic objectives): OCEANIC TRIO.

However, I remain available for interesting proposals.




Acustic drumset TAMA ARTSTAR II
maple made, cherry wine, sizes:
Kick drum 20″x16″ or 22″x16″
Tom Toms 8″x8″, 10″x10″, 12″x11″, 14″x13″,
Floor Tom 16″x16″

Snares Pearl Free Floating brass or maple 14″x3,5″ or
Tama Starclassic maple 14″x5,5″ or Pearl Free Floating maple or brass or acrylic 14″x6,5″

Zildjian Cymbals:
Splashes 6″ and 8″ Avedis Custom
Crashes 15″, 16″, 17″ and 18″
Avedis Custom,
Hi-Hat 13″ K
Ufip Cymbals:
China splash Class Series 11″
Swish 20″
Ride Experience Series 20″

All on Dixon Drum Rack.
Kick pedal Sonor Perfect Balance or DW 5000T
Double pedal Pearl P122
Hardware Hi-Hat DW5500T or Tama
Custom built sticks (based on 5A)

Drumheads Remo batter Emperor coated or transparent for toms, Ambassador for Snares
Drumheads Remo resonants Ambassador transparents
for Toms and Snares
Drumhead Remo batter
Power Stroke 3 for Bassdrum
Cases Hardcase

Another set: MAPEX SATURN IV EXOTIC maple and walnut, sizes:
Bassdrum 20″x16″
Toms 10″x8″, 12″x9″
Floor tom 14″x14″
Snare 14″x5,5″ BLACK PANTHER AZTEC steel shell

Or a micro-set composed by:
Bassdrum Tama Artstar II 16″x16″
Snare drum artisanal “Fabrizio Maliscev” 12″x2″ natural wood (single piece)
tom Tama Artstar II
8″x8″ and 12″x11″

CrashRide Sabian AAX Omni 22″
Crash Zildjian 18″ Avedis Custom
Ride Turkish Jazz 20″
Hi-Hat Paiste 13″
Percussions LP (Cyclopis, Cowbell, Jam Blocks, etc.)

Microphone set for Toms Sennheiser E604
Microphone for Bassdrum AKG D112
Shure SM 57 for Snaredrum
2 overheads Shure PG81

Mixer rack 16 channels PHONIC
Reverb Alesis Microverb
Monitor FBT 150W
mic stands and cables



The “OIGRES” main idea came out from being the reverse of “SERGIO”, a rational “Virginian” and precise man (even a bit of a pain in the ass) therefore an artist and noisy but definitely more cool. Those having faced both sides knows what I’m talking about. Obviously the balance lies in the middle of the two characters who integrate and can help each other.
In this dualistic path, SERGIOIGRES looks for the “center” under various forms (his owns), but be ready to dig …..


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