I am a profesional Graphic Designer since 1996, with real knowledge regarding lithographic printing, with high expertise in film impression, analyzing printed material and screen printing, signboard projecting, alter a photographic image digitally using Photoshop image-editing software, as well as turn black and white photos into color.
• I can design covers for medias. (for instance CDs and DVDs)
• I have been making airbrushes on any material since 1991.
• Many years of experiences as a pro freelance in several graphic studios in town.
• I run a personal Pro Studio with “Top notch tech”. I provide details on demand. Write me here.
• I an advanced user of Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere softwares.
• I have planty of my artwok as demos in my archive to show by request.
Write me here.


The “OIGRES” main idea came out from being the reverse of “SERGIO”, a rational “Virginian” and precise man (even a bit of a pain in the ass) therefore an artist and noisy but definitely more cool. Those having faced both sides knows what I’m talking about. Obviously the balance lies in the middle of the two characters who integrate and can help each other.
In this dualistic path, SERGIOIGRES looks for the “center” under various forms (his owns), but be ready to dig …..


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